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I found a small size snooker game at a local playtoys store yesterday. As I saw this kit, it made 'click'. Here is something cheap, which might make much fun, if I could manipulate it for 1/6.
So here we are. I woke up early in the morning to start the experiment.

1600x1600, 1076KB

This image shows the plate and how to go on with it. My idea and goal was to create a snooker table, which looks very heavy. Like one with 1300kg weight. So I put the plate on top of two different storage boxes. After checking which one would fit better, I took the left hand side one (nr.1). I cut away all unneeded material. Please be careful, if you do it with such kind of cutter, in case of sideslipping you could cut yourself very sore!(nr.2) Unfortunately I made a mistake, calculating the hight of the complete snooker table. It was not high enough. So I made four paper rolls to find out which hight might be the best (nr.3). I assumed approx. 14cm would be the best. After this I cut away the edge of the next storage box. Nr.4 shows the first step to reach an adequate snooker table.

1600x1600, 799KB

I marked a place to drill two big wholes in the plastic (nr.1). I cut out the plastic between the two wholes to have a wide port, shen the balls come back. I took a cardboard and fixed it in a bow with hot glue in the inner of the box. The focus here: Have a slope from all four corners down to the middle of the port (nr.2). I took a spray can with matt black and covered it on all sides. While the lacquer gets dry, I used the time to create two queues from a pair of chopsticks (nr.3). The last testing. Is the snooker table really horizontally built? Will the ball stay in place or will it move on its own. Perfect. No moving...

1600x1067, 775KB

Let`s have a game. Let's have fun. Here are some villains with their girls. Do you think, she can concentrate properly on the next push?
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