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~Viktor Von Vengence~ !Super Villain!

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Hey guys! Here is my latest kitbash, a fictional Super Villain Viktor Von Vengence, aka Viktor Von Braun! He is the grandson of Werner Von Braun, the WW2 V-2 rocket scientist and has been secretly working on his own V-3 rockets, furthering the work of his late grandfather and having high hope for landing a job at NASA's space program.

During his research a terrible accident happened while mixing chemicals for his new V-3 rocket fuel and he inhaled some vapors from the extremely noxious chemicals...

Now insane and bent on world domination, Viktor continued his V-3 rocket work in a secret laboratory and instead of having hopes for making rockets for NASA, he is now making use of his research for his own evil purposes and seeking......VENGENCE!


Parts list:

Uni: dml
Boots: nlm luftwaffe boots
Belt and pouches (cut up german ammo pouches): dml
Hat: DiD
Gaunlets and Goggles (painted gloss black): SST
Rocket propelled Grappling hook: Gi Joe
Grappling hook pouch for rope(rear of fig): dml pouch painted black

Scratch Built Parts/mods:

V-Pistol: made from a walther p38 pistol and german mortar, painted and weathered
V-Pistol holster: scratch leather
Boot Rockets: dml mortars painted
Boot rocket straps and holders: scratch
Heat Seeking v-3 right wrist rocket(dml painted) and wrist strap/launcher: scratch
Left wrist Grappling hook strap/launcher: scratch
Chest logo: scratch leather and iron cross logo
Ok, on to the pics, how you enjoy!!

Here is a close up of Viktor's Vengence Pistol (V-Pistol):

Werner Von Braun (with the cast on arm):

and just for fun, Viktor in flight!:

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Wickid cool Mike! Really like the gaunlets, and all the custom peices, BTW where are those hands from?
WOw! Great bash. Love the custom uni and gear. :wideyes

Most of all I love the in flight pix. Great job! :jump4joy
Thanks Shaun!! Glad you like Viktor and the custom work i did on him!! He was really fun working on. The hands are from Twisting Toyz.
Thanks Shaun!

Hi OCBubba and thanks so much!! It was really fun working on all the custome pieces and i had a blast making them, glad you like him and those outdoor flight pics, i just took those before it got dark lol!!

Thanks so much guys!!
Way cooooool Mike. Love those custom pieces. :thumb

You have a antagonist, now you need a protagonist to go against him. :D
Hi Leo and thanks man!! The custom pieces were so much fun working on and im really glad you liked them and Viktor, thanks bro!!

Well,....isn't this just truly wonderful????????? :wideyes ..Mr Mike,you have conjured up a character who could just as easily have appeared in the likes of the marvel-esque type comics.
He is fantastic,...and i mean truly original in every way!!!!!!!
The idea is from the mind of someone who should be making millions in this kind of market,'s brilliant.
I can just see the comic strip now,....the original villain, Victor von issue, after issue after issue.
Bloody brilliant mate,...and i for one, take my hat off to you for your sheer imaginative genius.

1000% brilliant!!!!!

(Not to mention the scratch built items that went into the making of this wonderful prototype).....What's the patent number? ;)
Does anyone else want to put this guy up against a Captain Action figure?
LOL! I love it!!! Something that is WAY totally different to a Super Hero!

Great work!!! I simply love it!
Mike-- that is AWESOME!!!!!

I personally think he'd make a great Rocketeer villian!

Super-creative work!
Hi Neil and thanks so much!! Viktor was incredibly fun to work on and coming up with all the custom parts was really a chance for me to have a lot of fun with a lot of what-if type stuff, truly massive fun. It would be a dream come true for sure if Viktor wound up in a comic, that would be beyond description.
Thanks so much Neil, means a lot to me you enjoyed him that much!

Thanks Jcast! Viktor says that ever the great Captain Action stands NO chance agaisnt the likes of Viktor Von Vengence!

Hi Broadshore and thanks so much!!! Super Heroes are great but coming up with a villain is so much more fun lol and way different like you said. Im so glad you liked him, thanks so much for the wonderful comments!

Hi John and thanks very very much!!! While making him i couldnt help but think of the Rocketeer too, he would be a great villain for him. Really glad you like him John thanks man!!!

Thanks so very much guys! Viktor was great fun working on and glad your enjoying him!
Mike, this is a very unique figure! Very impressive effort behind the customized parts. I agree with Stinny, 1st thing come to my mind is Rocketeer.
Hi Ray and thanks so much, really glad you liked Viktor and all the custom parts i made, it was really incredibly fun and im very happy with how everything turned out!! The Rocketeer was definately one of my inspirations, its a great movie and really gets the what-if creative juices flowing. Ive always been intrigued by secret weapons and what-if type stuff, as you can really go crazy creative-wise. Thanks Ray, really glad you enjoyed!!
Cool looking villain Mike! Nice to see some customized fantasy figs. We need more Villains like Viktor to keep Captain America and other heroes busy.
Hi Capv and thanks so much! Without villians like Viktor the superhero world would really be a dull place i couldnt agree more....and i think he might just give Capt America a good run for his money! ;)
Really glad you liked Viktor, thanks so much for the comments!
Thanks Capv!
Hi Mercenary and thanks so much! Really glad you enjoyed Viktor, he was so much fun working on and now im thinking ill have to make a good guy to keep him in check!

He is brilliant, and a totally original concept, well done! You've come on in leaps and bounds since I first came across your work. Now you're flying like he is. I don't quite know why but I keep thinking of F1 ace Michael Schumacher when I look at him, he'd be a great choice to play him in a movie!

Up, up, und avaaay!

Wow...sweet work,lots of fun into dis bash :)
What a kick!!! Original idea and well executed.
I got to agree Capt. America is gonna kick his ass!!
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