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Viking WIP

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Thought I'd share my first attempt at using non-sculpted hair on a fig. After seeing so many great customs and getting so many ideas, I figured it's time to give it a try.

Still trying to decide on costuming but he's getting there :)
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Wow, looks great so far, cant wait to see more pics of your Viking! :thumb
Wow! It doesnt look like a Viking it looks like the Godfather Odin Himself! Fantastic!
Looks great, very realistic! I can't wait to have a try at real hair myself sometime, I've been seeing more on bashes. Any in progress shots of how to cut it, glue it, style it?
Looking awesome man. :thumb

Can't wait to see the custom when it's done.
Great job on the sculpt.
Can't take credit for the sculpt, it belongs to BBI's Richard Marcinko.
I don't have any progress shots of the hair application but here's a rough breakdown of what I did.

I started with some synthetic fur from the fabric store. The adhesive is Beacon's 3 in 1 advanced craft glue, it dries crystal clear, is waterproof and is thick like a gel.

Working in small areas from the bottom up (so that the top layers of hair will lay over the bottom layers) work your way around the head. First apply a small line of adhesive then snip some fur off as close to the cloth backer as you can. I was using small patches aprox 1/4 inch wide.

place the end of the fur on the glue and press into place with a toothpick or similar tool because you want to keep your hands clean and try not to get glue in the hair except at the attachment point.

You will have lots of loose hair come out so don't be skimpy with it, once you have placed it in the glue let it set a moment then blow some of the loose hair off the fig so you can see if any touch up are neccessary before moving up to the next row.

I hope this made sense.
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That`s sweet so far.
Are you platting the beard or having 2 platted strands on the beard?
Great to see so much real hair on DemoDick (also a perfect choice).
Nice beard, should be a good viking when done. Good choice for the HS, the grey painted beard underneath blend nicely into the white fur beard.
If it isn't too difficult, and I think it'd add a nice detail to the beard as well, but braiding it as PJ above me noted would be cool.
I'm not sure about braideding the beard, I'd considered it but it looks like it might be tricky. I might play with it and see if it's doable ;)
Wow, thats a cool looking Viking, I like the beard!!!!
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