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Vietnam Uniform by be-com.Shop

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I found this out recently

lf I had the money I would definatly purchase one or two.
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If I had the money, I would purchase lots of things from them!
I would really like a pair or two of these. Has anyone ordered from shop before using the English instructions?
They have really cool stuff. I wouldn't mind the M1923 cartridge belt/M1928 haversack setup. But what I'd really like to get is an M51 field jacket, pile cap, and OD M1923 belt for a Korean War bash.

The English instructions look like you place an order that is then made for you and then you're notified when it's ready. Am I understanding that right?
Holy crap, 9,800 yen? That's something like $100 just for a uniform.
dedguy said:
Holy crap, 9,800 yen? That's something like $100 just for a uniform.
£46.2014 GBP
$95.03140 USD

:confused: more than a real set :erm
Von13 said:
Those top pocket are way too small.
Yeah and the jacket is way too big...but I guess that means you're just getting more for that $100.00 price tag.
The top flaps look about right, but as Von13 says, the upper pockets themselves appear undersized.
I believe this is supposed to be the 2nd pattern, with shoulder straps, side tabs and covered pocket buttons. The 1st pattern had exposed pocket buttons (DML provide these on Nate and carded), and the 3rd pattern (DML 5 SFG Mike and James) had no shoulder straps or side tabs, nor the gas flap at the front closure which first two patterns had.

Like I was told, be-com stuff is really expensive, but well-tailored, and is sort of the stuff for an ultra figure. With the exception of those pockets, this set looks well-executed. That said, I'll stick with TS, DML, and SOTW suits for my grunts.

That pile cap caught my eye as well, but at $42.66USD delivered, it's back to learning how to make my own.
Yeah, their pieces do look outstanding, overall, but when a 1:6 scale item costs more than it's vintage 1:1 scale counterpart, it's most likely overpriced, by a lot.

- Ian
Top pockets are way to small, Bottom Pockets look right but the Jacket itself is REALLY HUGE!! Not for 100.00 for that. I rather spend 100.00 in parts or Airsoft. Way to expensive.
The pockets on the Pants are not even correct. The rear 'big' flap is sewn down making the cargo pocket more like a map pocket. GI Joe pants even get that right :sadshake
DAmn, that gear re-defines gucci gear... but no bargains to be found there!
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