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Very sad news.

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Its starting to sound more and more that Stan Winston has passed.


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This... this is terrible. I shed a tear over this. The man and his workshop are responsible for the most influential movies of my life.

I found this just a minute ago

follow the link. This is really very sad news. A brilliant man to be sure.

Bravo out
Sad news, the movie industry has lost a great talent and his family a great man.
He pushed the benchmark for movie magic way out there, he was one of the greats.
Sad news indeed
my desk is covered in his creations
A great loss to his family, the industry, movie fans.
He fought a long hard fight against an unbeatable disease and now he can rest in peace.
I meet Mr. Winston at Siggraft 07 last year near the Pixar Booth. One of the most Imaginative people I have ever meet. I remember having a talk with him about his work. Oh man. It's really sad to see a man who work is alike art. He well be missed.
The world of special effects just got smaller. This is terrible news. Plus the work he did with Iron Man's suit was remarkable.
I will be watching Terminator, Predator and ALIENS just to make me feel better.
Bad news indeed.
R.I.P. ... He did a lot of great work..the industry lost one of it's best. :(
I just heard about this and it knocked me for six! I can't believe Stan Winston is gone. He disliked being referred to as 'The Best', but, for many of us, myself included, he truly was. He was one of the greats and will be missed by many.

He leaves behind one of the most wonderful and diverse legacies ever

A master craftsman indeed.....his work will live on longer than any of us
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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