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Hello friends! I was able to buy a loose Very Cool Villa head and it arrived faster than the body I wanted to put her on (an S23B from another store which is still waiting for its February stock). For now, I borrowed the body of my Demon Huntress to see how well her skin tone would match since I think the Demon Huntress body has the same color as the S23B. I think the result is PERFECT!

Villa (personally I named her Diana since I follow an alphabetical order naming system for my Phicen/Tbleague dolls and she's the fourth) really looks beautiful! I love her cat-like sweet but fierce look. Her pouty lips are very pretty while her eyes are very well detailed. There are small details that could only be seen via camera, maybe because the camera can capture more details. For example the eyes. Just look at her eyes in the pictures! When I look at her in real life, it's hard to notice the details of the eyes so when I saw the pictures I took, I was shocked at how beautiful and realistic they were. I also love the way her face was painted. It really looks nice and the shading/make-up's very well done. Her hair feels very silky smooth as well, it has a different feeling from the hair that's found on Phicen/Tbleague heads. The color of her hair is very realistic. It's blonde with dark shades, which makes it more interesting to look at.

As for the fit, the socket in her neck area fits perfectly with the Phicen/Tbleague neck joint. There's even a satisfying "POP!" sound when you take her off the joint.

Villa (Diana) is my very first Very Cool headsculpt and I'm very happy and satisfied with her. I'm happy that it seems like Very Cool headsculpts can fit perfectly with Phicen/Tbleague bodies because I prefer those over the Very Cool plastic bodies (or hybrids). I'm really impressed by her beauty!


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When you see the head in that light you can see that the paint on the lips doesn't go out to the sculpted edges. She might look better if this was fixed, I think that's why she looked different to the prototype. Other than that she is one of their better heads.

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