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Verio Armour 1/6th scale King Tiger Pulling Dodge WC57

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This was shot at Verio Armour's Sha Tin workshop in Hong Kong. This 1/6th scale metal King Tiger chassis tows an original, 5,300 pound, Dodge WC57 Command Car. Note that they are only using a 12v battery for the test, and not the 24v normally used to power the tank, so it only has half its normal power!
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:clap:clap Wooohhoooooo, I love it. That is insane David!!
That tank has some torque, Mike.

I'll be posting the quick video 'walkarounds' I took of the 1:1 Kubels and the Dodge in the workshop later.

Thank you to the unseen hand who fixed the link for me!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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