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Vassily Zaitsev , 1942 .

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Vassily Zaitsev :

The most famous of Russian snipers of the Great Patriotic War, partly because of the propaganda effort made during the war about him , partly because of his autobiography , but mostly because of the rather disappointing film featuring him which appeared a few years back , " Enemy at the Gates " , starring Jude Law .
Mr Law is a decent actor , and the settings in the film were superb ( East Berlin standing in for Stalingrad ),and there are some brilliant set-piece scenes , but the script was an absolute plonker , based on a spurious legend about a duel between Zaitsev and a top German sniper, for which there is no real evidence.
The real Zaitsev is a little difficult to disentangle from propaganda : if you Google him you will learn more than you need to know , but how much of it is really true is difficult to say.

Be that as it may , I'm only concerned here with his actual appearance .
Apart from a famous pic showing him in a snowsuit training other snipers , there are not many pics that I've been able to find, and my figure is based on two of the better ones: once you see them, the casting of Jude Law seems somewhat capricious…

The bigger pic seems to show him in his autumnal Officer's rig , posed for propaganda purposes : he obviously didn't dress like this whilst sniping , but since we don't have much detail of his field dress , I've followed that picture .

This figure is a replacement for one that I made some years ago for my friend Martin ( an authority on sniping ) which was destroyed in a container fire when Martin moved to France . I am glad in retrospect , because I now have more pics , and a little more practice , and this figure is much better .

He started as a Naval Officer , hence the " anchor " belt plate , and the black leatherwork . Otherwise he's in absolutely standard woolen gymnastiorka and breeches , with subdued collar patches, with an ushanka fleece hat , and is wearing two medals : the left is the Red banner , but I'm not sure of the identity of the other : it may be something a bit special ( it's very big ), and any suggestions would be welcome.

The rifle is the standard sniper version of the Mosin-Nagant , which Zaitsev seems to have used throughout his career . I've replaced the sling with a scratchbuilt one.

The uniform and rifle are DML , the boots Newline , the ushanka and equipment scratchbuilt.

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That is :eekne incredible 1/6th portrait of the man, Tony.
A load of bravo's to you and your masterful, very accurate craftsmanship :thumb :thumb :thumb
Another masterpiece. The likeness is uncanny.
That's an excellent head sculpt. The figure over all is well done, but the likeness is exceptional.
Amazing work Tony, the headsculpt is a dead-on likeness for Zaitsev. Nice job!
Excellent Work Comrade Barton, now back in the 1/6 trenches before i need to inform a political officer!
the b and w pic off him is sporting one bad haircut :rolling
Absolutely beautiful figure as always!
Another great figure, the likeness is incredible.
He looks great Tony. Nice HS and excellent figure overall!!
I need to go away for a while and sulk.That figure is another fantastic creation.
you ll sell the head?

Wonderful Tony....but you ll sell in future this head in your unpainted heads list? Thanks Mario.
Good lord, the hits just keep on coming! Another top notch figure, Tony!

- Ian
Hiya, Tony!

AMAZING figure! Also an incredible headsculpt, truly looks like the man. I think your friend Martin is gettin' a hell of a gift! Thanx for sharing.

Proud son of Rose and Wes
Beautiful piece of work!!!
1 - 20 of 68 Posts
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