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Faced with the password glitch every time, I've been logging in here only once in a blue moon for a long time. But just in case someone finds them interesting or amusing, here are links to a few recent photo stories or tutorias that I had not posted here, most of them replete with facile humor. (If the link redirect does not work, you can try to copy the link and paste in a new browser tab.)

Converting Jason Momoa Hot Toys Aquaman Head

Avengers Deleted Scene Revealed (no spoilers)

New Superhero Revealed? Fire-Man (NSFW?)

Star Wars A Lone Scoundrel Story

Star Wars A Negative Body Image Story

Neck Connector Adjustment Tutorials

Head Conversion Tutorials

Clothing TBLeague or Phicen Seamless Bodies

I hope this has been useful or at least mildly amusing.
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