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Various Headsculpt Repaints and Touch-Ups

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Please forgive the shoddy phone camera, it loses lots of detail and distorts the coloration. I do not have a photo tent yet.

These are various unfinished projects sitting on my workbench.

Lighter version Sam Worthington full repaint (Sabotage):

Darker version Sam Worthington full repaint:

Tony Leung full repaint:

Scary Timothy Olyphant (Hitman 47):

Scary Sammo Hung touch-up:

Ken Watanabe touch-up:

DML Kogure full repaint:

Ge You (touch-up):

DiD Aaron side shave, skin tone match, and face touch-up:

Aaron Kwok touch-up:

Railway Guerrilla (touch-up):

Tanned Shia LeBouf (touch-up):
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Head + body repaints:

Ed Norton head, hair, and body repainted:

Draco Malfoy head and body repainted:

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Looks great
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