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Variation of Caesar’s armor using the new IGNITE metal cuirass.

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I was asked the other night if it were possible to wear Caesar's subarmalis under the new brushed-iron metal cuirass? I have to admit, the thought hadn't crossed my mind, as I knew that the older Caesar cuirass was plastic, not metal, and was quite sure that the armor was also "thicker" through the torso to allow the wearing of the subarmalis, or so I thought!!!
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However, I had promised to look into this, and so, I did. First thing I did for my own satisfaction was haul out a spare cuirass I have from the first IGNITE Greek figure… GR-019. I did a quick eye-ball comparison and confirmed my suspicions that this and the new cuirass that comes with the murmillo, AR-038, are identical in all essentials. Where they differ is only in the finish, the former having the "bright" or "gold" (i.e. meant for "bronze") finish, while the latter has the matte brushed-iron, and the two tiny holes on the chest of the latter, allowing for the fixing of the "Lion" bauble.

So, I then took out my "Cheeser" figure and began to disassemble him to see how HIS armor compared. BTW, I was horrified to find that his red micro-suede cloak had slightly stained BOTH his subarmalis and the white paint of his armor, AND it had left a stain under his chin where it had been touching his face!!

So, I whipped that cloak off, damn fast!! I also went to check the figures I have posed wearing the Centurion's red micro-suede cloak. Sigh of relief. Appears only to be a problem with Cheeser!

Well, immediate emergency sorted, I set about to compare the armor. As these shots show, I was correct. Caesar's cuirass is indeed plastic, not metal, and is also "thicker" through the torso from front to back (tho' not from side to side), which as I said I suspect is to allow the wearing of the subarmalis.

So, to the question posed. Is it possible for any figure so equipped to wear Caesar's subarmalis under the new brushed-iron metal cuirass????


I would caution anyone trying this substitution that the fit of the new cuirass is VERY tight!! IGNITE was right in making the armor they gave him a bit thicker through the middle. That said, as you see, it CAN be done, and so it ought to be as equally "easy" (or "difficult," I would say) to get the "bronze" Greek armor onto such a figure as well.

You need a pair of needle nose pliers and PATIENCE! You have to be careful in removing the retaining pins at the sides of the bronze or brushed-iron cuirasses, as the pins are in quite tight, and if you are not careful, you can slip and scratch the surface of the armor. Once you have the two side pins out, you ought to be able to pull the two halves, front and back, apart far enough without damaging the hinges at the shoulders to slip this onto your figure… IF… you have removed his head. I use the dry heat of a hair dryer/blower to warm the head plastic up enough to both slip it OFF the figure body, and then to slip it back onto the neck post when I am done. 10 to 15 seconds always seems to be sufficient except in the most stubborn (and the thickest and stiffest) plastics. You'll have to hold the halves of the armor together in one hand quite tightly, but also CAREFULLY, while using your pliers in the other hand when you go to put the pins back in. I recommend putting the pins in from the BOTTOM when you replace them. Do not worry, they are in there so tight, they will NOT fall out!

I was also asked if the figure could wear the Centurion helmet and the metal torso?

I would hazard that if the sculpt you choose can wear the helmet, sure. All can not!! Even IGNITE makes sculpts that will NOT wear the centurion's helmet! :( However, if the sculpt can then I would say that since I have no problem with the "Montefortino" helmet from the Republican Legionary, AR-010, then I can't see why the centurion's would pose a problem….

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Nice bit of research and presentation. Must fight temptation to get into this period.
pukingdog said:
. Must fight temptation to get into this period.
Me, too
GOOD LOOK.... :clap
Thanks for share, Try it again and again
cheers...... :cheers
I know this a bit off topic, but is that bust real in the first picture? If so, where can I get one. I looked all over the internet and couldn't come up with anything.


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