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Updated my gunner a few months ago from the ACE 3-color, to the ACE tiger stripe uniform. Added and changed a few of the gear and finally got around taking pics. Hope you like. Cheers and enjoy:D

Kitbash breakdown
TS T1 Nude
TS ODA 3-color ammo pouches
TS PJ 3-color medic pouch
TS Tan T-shirt
Dr. Figures Tan Solag gloves
AFA ESS Tan Tinted goggles
ACE 3-color buttpack
ACE Devgru tiger stripe uniform
ACE Devgru Tan Mich helmet
ACE Seal CQB Tan boots
HT PMC Saw pouches
HT FAST Peltor comms and radio
HT PMC naglene bottle
BBi Gunslinger HS
BBi Trident push knife
BBi Trident safariland holster and SIG pistol
BBi red chemlight
BBi G-shock watch
BBi McCabe tan knee pads
BBi 3-color spear BA
BBi Raptor Spear harness
BBi Raptor Radio pouch
BBi Raptor MK-46 MG

· uber noob assembler
4,452 Posts
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Neova said:
Tiger stripes looking really good. How does the quality of Ace's compare to BBI or HT?
Thank you. Ace uni's are comparatively bigger than HT and BBi uni's. I liked the pattern for the Ace tigers though.

Echo 7 said:
awesome figure..but, is that bruce willis ???
Thanks Echo! Yes that is BBi's Bruce Willis likeness HS, BBi Gunslinger:D
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