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USMC M240 Gunner in Iraq

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There must be something in the air because I'm actually taking photos of my kitbashes-- which I usually hate and end up throwing my camera, punching an old lady, and cussing at the heavens above.

But, this was rather pleasent and easy.

Title pretty much says all there is to know... Marine M240 Gunner... I made this guy after I picked up the Saturday Toys Marine set at WoH last year. Too bad the only item I really liked was the Spartan vest-- which is really great.

I also ended up using a few items I thought I'd never use again-- a plastic pouch (but, it IS a machine gun kit) and an old 21stC E-Tool! But, I thought it might be a good idea incase this guy has to dig in and make himself a gunner's nest. (Plus I still see some photos from time to time of soldiers with this e-tool as part of their kit.)

Head is a full repaint of some Dragon head. I repaint all my heads now. Much more fun that way-- plus it makes for a much more unique looking figure IMO.

Anyway, I'm yappin, too much-- here's the figure:

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Looks great! I was just thinking the other day with all the spec-ops machine guns out I haven't seen a m240 bash in awhile. Isn't that big plastic pouch for a c-mag?
Awesome M240 Gunner Gstinny! I love the addition of the Etool pouch, I was toying around with some of those for my grunts as well. Did you customize that m7's scabbard as well?
He looks great, but one thing that might make it a little better is if you pry off that heatshield/handguard thing from over the barrel to make it the M240G model.

I'm very glad your picture taking has been pretty smooth sailing, I look forward to many more of your fantastic newly photographed figures!
Great job! I like the added detail of the pen and pencil plus the weathering of the holster.
Oddball said:
Great job! I like the added detail of the pen and pencil plus the weathering of the holster.
Good eyes Oddball! I didn't even notice the pencil and I just got a new pair of glasses. :(
Nice job! This is a great bash!
Wow John, he looks great and those eyes, very lifelike, superb repaint on the hs!! He looks badass, as a Marine should, great work!! :thumb
The repainted headsculpt looks pretty darn good. For the flesh tone, do you just used it directly from the bottle (what brand)? or there are some paint mixture in it? Appreciate your input. And the lips repaint is fantastic :thumb
By saying all those, I am not taking away the absolute coolness of the bash :thumb
Nice one John.I just finished a Marine in a flighsuit and Spartan myslef for the OSW dio.I was gonna post him later tonight.

And those Spartans are cool.I just got 2 in the mail today!!
thats an awesome marine! i actually just bashed one similar, beat me to the punch though. one thing i do see though, is that the knee pad that is around his ankle, in reality would probably be turned to the side either inwards, or outwards. makes it easier to walk. just a suggestion.
Looks great as always, John. That freakin' awesome repaint coupled with sideward glance have added tons of character into the trooper himself. Total sweetness right there bro. :thumb
I agree with Iron Mike, Porkins, and Leo. The fleshtone and eyes and everything are just perfect. What are your secrets? I keep coming back to look at this bash, yours are always my favourites and this ones no exception.
Good to see more of your stuff Stinny!!
CorranJ said:
And those Spartans are cool.I just got 2 in the mail today!!
Well, now I know who bought two of the three I had in my shopping cart at Monkey Depot the other day! *Shakes fist* Damn you Aaron! :rolling
Oh yeah, nice Marine John... *grumble grumble*

Kidding aside, that really is a cool figure. I don't think we see enough M240 gunners around here. And excellent repaint man. You have serious skills (but then again, you ARE an artist).
Most impressive with the head repaint! The eyes are so life like! Overall very nice load up of parts.
Wow Stinny, Looks great.
I like him Stinny,Great job on the eyes!!!!
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