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Got to finish up a bash i've been working on a couple of months back. Thanks to the new SPECFIGURES book pics and CorranJ's latest Marine kitbashes, i was able to be inspired by their great work. Hope you like:D

TS Nude
TS 5th Anniv Seal padded belt
TS 5th anniv seal coyote ammo subload
TS 5th anniv seal drop down holster
TS tan IBA
TS EOD triple ammo pouch
TS EOD tan frag grenade pouch
TS FR Saw Pouch
TS FR MBSS hydration pack
TS FR coyote admin pouch
TS MKII OD medic pouch
Soldier Story ACU gunner HS
Soldier Story coyote boots
DML 1911 pistol
Dr. Figures Green Oakley gloves
Dr. Figures Oakley M-frame glasses
BBi Marpat Helmet
BBi M4
BBi 3-color radio pouch
BBi Brennan triple pistol mag pouch
BBi G-shock watch
BBi Raider flashlight
HT NVG mount
HT PMS ESS goggles
HT PMS black/white shemagh
HT MEF Tan flight suit
HT PMC motorola radio and mic
HT MEF coyote ammo pouch
HT MEF tan dump pouch
HT MEF fanny pack
HT MEF zip ties
HT MEF multi tool and pouch
HT chemlights
ACE Seal CQB coyote knee pads
1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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