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USMC Force Recon Rifleman (WIP)

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Monkey Depot stocked up on the marine set and didn't want to pass up on the Spartans so i got one, and decided to put it to good use. Inspired by the Specfigures kitbashes, and now at least my FR Gunner won't be as lonely:D Still need a MICH and maybe some peltor or sordin comms. Thanks for looking, hope you like him! Cheers and enjoy:p

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Wahh, awesome Recon Marine Migo! Great loadout, pretty hi-speed.
Good job pulling together all of those parts from different manufacturers too. You matched the colours up really well.
Nice lookin' Devil Dog! I'm guessing everybody got their orders from Monkey Depot today. :lol
Nice one again Don.What rifle is that? don't recall seeing an Aimpoint like that.
Hey Don, how about cutting down on the bashes for a while and repaint those walls.

They're killing my eyes. Just kidding bud. Once again another fantastic job.
Wickid cool Migo! Really like the vest loadout on him.
Sweet work migo :)...must get a spartan to try

Wow, lookin good Don! Incredibly badass as usual :thumb
Looks ready to get the job done.
I want to purchase a vest, but I like the pouches to match.

Can you give us a break down?

Everyone, thanks for the kind words, appreciate it and glad you like him. Honestly though, i really think i overloaded the spartan vest, but i guess its ok, feel free to give feedback if you like.

Aaron, the M4 looks like BBi to me, i got it from Tippytoe last year when i was buying some loose parts from him. It could be a Chopper M4 with BBi PEQ, and the aimpoint looks to be BBi or DML.

Nando here is the breakdown of the vest loadout:

ST Spartan vest
TS EOD Tan Admin pouch
TS EOD Tan dual grenande pouch
TS TAG Tan Utility pouch with HT chemsticks
TS MKII Tan Triple Mag Ammo pouch
TS EOD Tan Triple Mag Ammo pouch
HT MEF Tan triple pistol mag pouch
HT MEF multitool with pouch

the rest of the kitbash:
HT nude with BBi G3.5 feet
Dr. Figures Oakley Green Gloves
Soldier Story ACU gunner HS
ACE Oakley sunglasses
Saturday Toys Desert Marapat Uni
BBi M4 rifle
BBi G-shock watch
BBi flashlight
BBi 6004 holster with DML 1911
BBi FSBE 3-color radio pouch
BBi FSBE 3-color Subload with Tan ammo pouches
TS 5th Anniv Seal Tan Padded belt
TS USMC Coyote Boots
HT PMC Motorola radio and mic
HT MEF zip ties
HT CIA shemagh
HT MEF Tan Dump pouch
HT Tan Frag Smoke grenade pouches x2
HT Devgru knee pads
MICH and peltors maybe later
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IMHO, the vest loadout looks great! I wouldn't change a thing on him. Now I gotta find me some of the TS MKII ammo pouches...
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