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I read a collection of Usagi stories from my local library a couple of summers ago and really enjoyed them. Of course, I went through a huge Samurai phase in high school. (Shogun was all over the TV at one point). So I guess it was bound to happen. I had seen him in connection with the Turtles but had never read any stories and still got a kick out of him. But then anyone who remembers this:

knows how much I love killer rabbits.

Anyway, I bought the recent TMNT XL Usagi and used him as a starting point. New body, dyed a lab coat I had, added the collar, made a belt, sewed pants from scratch with a wire in the cuffs for posing fun, put the head, hands and feet on, removed a stray eyebrow, added some chalk to define his ears and ear wrap. And then I topped it off with a cool japanese paper door backdrop. Although I had to use fabric because as soon as I got done gluing tissue paper on to the wood frame I put my finger through it. Scrape all the glue off and remember I had a bunch of white fabric left over from the belt and glue that on.

Here he is. It was a little tough balancing the animated aspect with a realistic portrayal but I think I managed fairly well. I love him anyway.

Thanks for looking.
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