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Stymied by lack of some data for my Sherman build, I have been working on the crew recently.

I had three sets of Dragon US Tanker coveralls, but I always wondered why Dragon only had one button sewn to the pant cuff adjustment. Figuring it was just an oversite, I added a second button to the strap to indicate it was buttoned tight. That was before I came across some pictures of the real item on E-Bay, which then made it clear why Dragon did not have a button sewn on the adjustment strap: the real ones used metal snap buttons, so a button would not have been used at all.


So I started thinking what could be done to replicate the snap buttons. Fortunately, I have also gone back to Gary's detailing pages to see if there were new tips I had missed out on (Gary's Modelling Links Page.). While there I saw where he had used small brads to replace the Dragon German shoulder board buttons/nut combination. I was able to find approximately 2mm brads at Michaels. That would certainly replicate the female snap button back.

But what about the male snap that is visible for the snap that is not being used? To replicate that I decided to drill out a miniature male snap from the back side and insert it through a small slit in the cuff of the coverall. I then used a small wire to fabricate a ring, and secured it around the male stud on the outer side of the coverall cuff to hold it in place. I also used some Fabri-Tac to hold the back side of the snap on to the inside of the coverall cuff and the small wire ring to the male stud on the outer side. I also doubled over the adjustment strap itself to make it more in scale to the original.

So what do you think?


On the left is the original with a second button added, and on the right the imitation snap buttons.
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