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Hey folks
These are some pics I found rusting away on Flickr, and, having discovered an easier way to post photos, decided to share! Also, keep in mind that this bash is not meant to be accurate or anything; it's just something I threw together and took into the jungles of Asia (my backyard) - it was originally meant for a scrapbook-LRRP bash compilation/group bash that Casual Collector was working on, but unfortunately did not work out. Some other time, C_C? Enjoy!

Fatigues (ERDL) - 21c
Weapon (M1 para) - DID
Weapon (M1911) - DID
Webbing - DID
Claymore bag - 21c
Body - TCT

DSC07675 by Super 68, on Flickr

DSC07659 by Super 68, on Flickr

DSC07655 by Super 68, on Flickr

DSC07679 by Super 68, on Flickr

DSC07656 by Super 68, on Flickr

:thanks for looking!

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Wow! Thats some Bad Bush that troopers in, I hope Charlie wasnt lying in Ambush somewhere.

Looks great, thinking of an LRRP myself.


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