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I have been SLOWLY working on some Vietnam era US Army Special Forces soldiers aka Green Berets. The main problem I run into is finding the green berets with the Special Forces Crest attached to the flash. I've gotten a couple of the Green Beret John Wayne figures and have popped off his rank from the group flash that's stuck on his berets but the flashes now need the Special Forces Crest since my soldiers are going to be enlisted men. So far the only berets I've seen that would work are from the John Wayne figures, a particular GI JOE Green Beret figure and a ACE Mike Force figure. The beret on the Mike Force figure looks the best but it only comes with a sticker for a group flash/crest (maybe One Sixth Scale King can help here). That's a no go for me. The other two berets I mentioned already have a fabric looking flash on the berets but with officer ranks on the flash instead of the enlisted Special Forces crest I'm looking for. There is one other green beret I've seen floating around but it's hard plastic. No go.

I've found a guy that can make these crests if anyone else here is interested. I'm looking at getting several and I know of another guy that has some Special Forces figures that I met on FB that is also interested in getting some. The artist that plans on taking on this commission can be found both on FB and IG. He may have other social media sites I don't know about. You can contact him directly if interested or myself. He said the more he makes the cheaper they'll be.

His contact info:
IG: @doggiedocdesigns
FB: Doggie Doc Designs

My contact info:
IG: joefriday83
FB: George Dickel
Email: [email protected]
Or you can contact me via this post or message me on this site. My alias on FB is to keep people I know from bombarding me with friend requests.

Even though my focus for these crests are for the Vietnam era these should work for modern figures too. Here is what we're looking at...


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