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Inspired by the infamous "Cowboys" picture of a SF soldier during OEF. Corranj's kitbash was also a basis of inspiration as these two looks almost identical as we used the same ref pics and the same parts, except for a few. I have to add that the HT PMC head is the main reason for these figures, as its almost picture perfect from the pic because of the beared and bandan on it. Would be a really good for any SF kitbash.

Special thanks to:

RWC - HT head
tippytoe - TS vest
BO4F - HT ammo subload
and last but not least....AMO for the WWII SAS goggles, which is a HTF item. Kitbash won't really be complete without it, Thanks Al!! You ROCK:thumb

Ref pics:


uber noob assembler
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Thanks everyone:thumb I really enjoyed doing this kitbash. The HS really made a huge difference.

That headsculpt definitely makes the bash. Another outstanding figure, Don. I demand a parts breakdown...
Here you go Angel,

HT PMC Headsculpt
HT Devgru 3-color ammo subload
TS nude
TS tactical vest
TS NSW 3-color bdus
TS cloth holster
BBi Shemagh
BBi WWII SAS goggles
BBi Nomex gloves
BBi Tasc headset
BBi OD riggers belt
BBi knife and sheath
BBi G-shock watch
DiD tan boots
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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