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US Army Officer

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Wow, that's a real piece or art, I love it
Oh... Wow...

Great job on the weathering. excellent shot!!!
like the weathering, headsculpt, pose and pictures. but there are two things i need to complain. i know it looks cool, like the german visor caps, but the use of the service cap i no good choice.

the use of this cap with field dress was very uncommon in ww2, so i rather would use a garrison cap.

Nothing says Officer more than this item. This item of headgear is the regulation U.S. Army officer's Service Cap meant to be worn with the officer's winter dress uniform. Army regulations dictated that this headgear was only to be worn by officers stationed within the United States. Troops stationed outside the U.S. were to wear the Garrison Cap, AKA "Overseas Cap".

and the bag you use is a british gas mask bag, would recommend a M1938 Map Case.
I think it would look the better with a arguments about what kind.......:wink
Really nice work.Great natural looking pose.
You nailed it, great figure. Seldom we see a figure like this kind made. Excellent!
Wow, another great piece of Art from you. Looks like an movie shot and not an 1/6 scale Figure.

The head from actor Clark Gregg looks really great for this. Absolute Amazing work.

Bye, bye

A handsome looking bash historical accuracy aside. The HS sets it right.
Nice! I'm with Braddock, the head sculpt fits perfectly.
Excellent figure, but ya..if you are going to do it right, then he has to loose the cap, unless you want to make him stateside and adjust a few things...:thumb
Give him a M-1 carbine. Officers first choice.(they are light).
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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