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US ARMY 1st SFOD-Delta,Mountain Operation

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Had most of this guy stiing in a WIP box for months.I had traded the head to BO4F.I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it.But when I bought the ACE OD TAG chestrig,I went this route.

Body/Sculpt-BBi G1 and Soldier Story
Woodland BDU-Dragon
Mountain boots-BBi
TAG Chestrig-ACE
SPEAR BAS body armor-ACE
flashbang pouch-HT
M14 SocomII-HT
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Freaking sweet bash Aaron!!
I wish I could crank out bashes like you guys do.
Awsome looking bash! That chest rig certainly finishes him off, and I like the use of the HT SOCOM as well.
yeah man, kitbash machine, i bet you did all three of them in one sitting, had a case of redbull since last night, and finished all three just moments ago:D

very nice man, i like the HS on this one, that ACE rig fits well with all the gear
Real nice work, I like how it came together.
It usually takes me a minute or so to do a bash.

Not really.I do alot over time and just never upload.Or just tinker.I am working on one for three weeks now.I just can't get it right.
Excellent HS. Nice bash indeed Aaron.
I really like this. Great gear. Great sculpt. OMG...woodland!!!
Looking good. That HS is great.
You love ya some woodland, Aaron!! Great looking figure! Very "classic" look.

Nice work, bud!
Risen from the grave too.!!!I don't even have this guy like this anymore either.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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