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US Army 10th Mountain Division in Afghanistan

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I've simplified my photo taking, so hopefully I can continue taking photos of all the figures I've made in over the years and never posted.

I worked this guy up around the end of the summer last year. I just recently put the Mechanix gloves on him.

After doing 4-5 differnt mix-and-match ACU clad figures, I wanted to do one that was wearing FULL ACU. I just had to wait for certain set to finally hit the market.

The Interceptor is bbi. I didn't have the Soldier Story one (which has the full crotch and neck protection) so I made the crotch protection on this one from one of the bbi arm guards.

ISAF patch is home-made. (Of course they swithed the patch out for an nice ACU version right after I made this patch... :razz )

Head sculpt is completely repainted.

Hope you guys enjoy!!!

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Thats a great fig! Which headsculpt is that, he looks like a bad a$$
great figure but if i may point out one thing. he really doesn't need the camelbak bladder on the side of the pack as there's a space in the pack for it. just sone constructive criticism or hell it could be an extra but whatever you want man.

Great ACU figure, Stinny. Those gloves look really good, and that holster looks familiar ;)
very nice kitbash John!!!! Gear load out is sweet, I especially like the OD MICH surefire and the strap loops around the helmet. :thumb
Freakin' awesome John. Keep all those never-posted bashes coming bro. :thumb
Great figure. How do you guys get the mechanix gloves on? I haven't had any luck
Nice fig.
Wow, now that is superb John, awesome bash and nicely weathered, nicely presented as well! Killer fig man!! :thumb
Damned impressive work GS. But isn't he a little dirty?
Very nice GS!! Love the weathering on him, along with the custom "nut guard". He most certainly looks as if he has been humping some hills :thumb
Great figure. I really like this one!
Really looks good!!
God I hate ACU...just kidding.Looks good Stin!!
Everytime I finish looking at your creations...I ask myself why do I even post my pics?
ALL of your figures always look so bad ass to me. If I keep drinking milk...someday I'll have bashes like you do.

Good stuff keep them coming!
Great figure man, Just one question, how'd you make the SS body armour darker?
1 - 20 of 35 Posts
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