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I've simplified my photo taking, so hopefully I can continue taking photos of all the figures I've made in over the years and never posted.

I worked this guy up around the end of the summer last year. I just recently put the Mechanix gloves on him.

After doing 4-5 differnt mix-and-match ACU clad figures, I wanted to do one that was wearing FULL ACU. I just had to wait for certain set to finally hit the market.

The Interceptor is bbi. I didn't have the Soldier Story one (which has the full crotch and neck protection) so I made the crotch protection on this one from one of the bbi arm guards.

ISAF patch is home-made. (Of course they swithed the patch out for an nice ACU version right after I made this patch... :razz )

Head sculpt is completely repainted.

Hope you guys enjoy!!!


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great figure but if i may point out one thing. he really doesn't need the camelbak bladder on the side of the pack as there's a space in the pack for it. just sone constructive criticism or hell it could be an extra but whatever you want man.


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God I hate ACU...just kidding.Looks good Stin!!

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Everytime I finish looking at your creations...I ask myself why do I even post my pics?
ALL of your figures always look so bad ass to me. If I keep drinking milk...someday I'll have bashes like you do.

Good stuff keep them coming!
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