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Got this L85A1 off eBay about 2 weeks ago. Yeh! Took that long to get here from Florida. *Rolls eyes*


I wanted to update one to make it looks a little better plus, I like L85's. They are just so hard or so expensive.

BUT I got this one for 12.00 including the shipping. SO! Here it is!! Still need to do the Charging handle and add lens to the SUSAT.

Added screws to the rear butt plate.

Drilled out the SUSAT scope.

So yeh! L85 that looks so much better then it's original 21st Century look.

Still need to drill out the Barrel flash hider too. BUT YEP! I'm happy.

Also, I did some work to widen out the Magazine well.. Now it fits a DiD magazine pretty easily.
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