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As some of you know I'm getting married in September, with the planned honeymoon being a 4 week road trip across the USA. New York to Los Angeles taking in 7,000 miles of the country inbetween. Trip of a lifetime for us.

(text below copied and pasted from a post on another forum.... easier than typing it all out again)

well... we went to the bank on Saturday to try to get a loan to pay for this Honeymoon we've been planning (the wedding we can pay for ourself with money we've managed to save over the last couple of years... just, lol. But not the honeymoon)

....and they turned us down. Something bad on our credit file apparently. Needless to say this is a BIG setback, and without some serious magic.... this means the honeymoon we've been planning for 2 years will not happen. (oh we'd still do something... maybe a weekend in New York, and do the big USA tour next year or the year after... but we wanted to do it the day after we got married!!)

so...... I've decided that in order to try to throw everything at this I WILL be selling everything I own (probably everything, lol). Master Replica props, toys, but more importantly... my 12" prototype figures. I was planning to keep these (forever) as they were all "firsts". (the first Anakin I ever did... first Obi-Wan... etc) and even though I've done more for other people since... these first ones from my personal collection were a bit special to me.

BUT.... i can always re-buy the standard SS figures next year or whenever and re-do the customs. So if it's worth my while they will be all for sale (as long as I'm not giving them away or . I'm not sure how yet... whether I'll set a price and see who wants what, or whether I'll stick them on ebay... haven't thought that far ahead yet. But unless something else happens, they'll all be going.

More news to come once I've sorted out what I'm doing :thumb
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