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U.S. Army Special Forces Sniper [5 pics]

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Hey everybody--been awhile since I've posted something. Here's my latest figure I finished earlier today.

The breakdown:

Sideshow Mace Windu body
ACE Direct Action Equipment II set
Wool cap from...somewhere
Dragon SR-25
Dr. Figure Oakley gloves (required giving the figure a hand-ectomy) ;)

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Hey, it's Samuel Jackson! Great looking greenie WM. Well done!
cool bash!! the HS has that spacey stare Jackson did alot in Unbreakable...
Very cool, except for 1 thing. His body armor is on backwards. :knock
Thanks guys.

Yeah, I just looked at the reference pics for the set on a figure. I'll fix his vest later....
From Jedi to Special Operation. Oh crap. O_O The terrorist are in it now. :p

Great bash WritinMan!!!
Blaine, get out of my head!!! :lol That is such a cool bash but I was just working on a figure that looks a heck of a lot like him. I love this guy so I'm going to switch my dude to RAID DCUs.

Uh, now where'd I put 'em?
actually the vest backwards could be correct, few SF dudes use to wear the BALCS body armor system backwards so they had access more molle webbing. i think it looks amazing! :D
Thanks for the comments guys--appreciate it!

Leo: Thanks! Jackson is the man! :thumb

Broadshore: :lol True! They can run but they can't hide. A Special Ops Jedi sounds like an interesting idea....

Mlatch: Sorry--but that is kinda funny. Look forward to seeing your figure!

GrizzlyJoker: You know, that's why I put it on that way (without looking at the photo). I figured they'd want more webbing in the front.
WritinMan said:
Mlatch: Sorry--but that is kinda funny. Look forward to seeing your figure!
Well, your guy is still cooler. Mine is based on a GI Joe with a Roadblock headsculpt. I'll probably keep the Dragon SR25 and the ACE body armor. If the weather cooperates, I'll try and snap some photos tomorrow. I have my Joe Room torn up at the moment so I might have to leave him in Woodland cammo and a bit light on gear.
Man,I like him. Just the right amount of dust from downrange,& the HS too! :thumb :thumb :thumb
Me like.
Cool SLJ SF Sniper Wm, love the weathering. NJ on the handectomy and I like the backwards vest as well. I much prefer it that way, always wondered what would go on the frontside's vertical webbing as opposed to the more commonly seen [and more amount of] horizontal webbing on the back.
Great figure! Weathering is excellent! BDU fits nicely on body. You must did magic.
I really like this bash. I wish I knew how to weather uni's and boots the way you guys on this board do. Keep it up!
Really cool bash man. You can't go wrong with Sam Jackson
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