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Twisting Toyz - Christmas NEWS - 2008 PREVIEW

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Twisting Toyz - Christmas NEWS - PREVIEW 2008

Hi to everybodies.
Fabio and all Twisting Toyz members are here to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New YEAR.
And we like to show you some new picture and and a nice gift for all of you.

First of all, we like to introduce you Alberto, Carabinere from WWI.
This is our first Italian from the great war.
The version that you are looking here is the 100% definitive version.
This new action figure will be available very soon (we are ready to ship it to distributors)

And here Mario, the "Giovani Fascisti" from Bir el Gobi.
This guys fought hard against the british in Africa, and was one of the finest Infantery unit of the Italian army in WWII

The face sculpt IS NOT THE FINAL ONE.
The rest of the action figure (uniforms and accessories) it's the final one.
Also this figure it's almost ready, and we plan to ship it to the distributors soon.
Please notice the great improvment of the tailoring and the 100% better fabric then the one used before.
I hope you will like it

And finally a surprise and a gift for all Twisting Toyz fans in this forum
We are happy to present you the LINE UP 2008.
Comment and idea are welcome!
I hope you will like all this news!
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Id really like to see TT tackle some modern figures, maybe a Italian Combsubin Operator with Desert Camo, any chance that might happen?
Great looking new figures and intriguing silhouettes. A Papal Guard? That's pretty cool. Your line is just the kind of different subject coverage the hobby needs, lots of potential there. It would be nice if others like you, in other countries, could launch similar projects. I believe these far outstrip the few offerings from big companies.

Merry Christmas and a Successful New Year to you all at Twisting Toyz.
x Palaboon
Yes could be, but not in an early future
Very cool figures, and I especially love the headsculpts on them. Keep it coming!
Palaboon said:
Id really like to see TT tackle some modern figures, maybe a Italian Combsubin Operator with Desert Camo, any chance that might happen?
X 2!!
Excatly as Palaboon said , modern Italian SF would be most welcome.
And the sooner the better I'd say. Shouldn't be too hard to research, most 1/1 gear is availble and if you have any questions, just head down to La Spezia and ask the boys... :shades

Anyhow, there's waaay too little non-US forces in the post-'45 1/6th field.
But that's another sad story...
I like what may seem as a Vatican Guard with the Halberd .....
Also I agree that TT needs to make some modern soldiers....Italian SF, and other EU nationalities as well. I would love to see an IDF figure made by TT.

keep me posted.
Glad to see a figure from The Great War. This guy is on my "want list" along with DiD's WW1 British officer.

Edit for stupidity:
DiD's John Coleman is a WW2 BEF officer. :O :sadshake

OK, I still want this Carabinere.
Very cool, and your headsculpts are getting better and better.
WW I is always nice to see. It is sad that not enough people learn about the Great War. Maybe the subject needs the Saving Private Ryan treatment. There is less than a hundred known vets in each country that was involved.

I also second (or fifth or sixth) the idea of modern Italians. They have been in Afghanistan, Kosova, Somalia and are one of the few remaining in the "coalition of the willing" in Iraq.
Hiya, Fabio and others!

Thanx for the heads up on the two new figures and the sneak peek! Alberto and Mario are both sweet looking figures and I am definately eager for a Papal Guard! Could the fourth figure be a Maiale rider? I hope so!

I want to wish you and the rest of the Twisting Toyz crew a Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo!

Proud son of Rose and Wes
although i'm not into WW2 italian troops...glad to see someone doing something for modern italian troops..that would be nice.and the papal guard?..i hope he comes equipped with berreta SMG.
I am really excited about the WWI trooper and the papal guard!
The newset offerings look great. I really like Mario and am waiting for what
the final sculpt will look like. I will get a couple anyway, I want some of those
Breda 30's for some of my Italian troops. I think the Papal Guard is going to look
Thanks Twisting Toyz for giving us something out of the ordinary and original.
I hope 2007 was a good year for y'all & I hope 2008 is even better. Just keep
those originals coming out and I think there will be some customers for y'all.
Great figures, of fine quality. I am a fan of TT and, like many other I expect, very exited about the new and future releases. Breathtaking! They are also, one more time, really novative to compare to what we could find usually on the 1/6 market. Thanks to Twisting Toys!!


PS: Fabio, just a question if I may: now the fabric is good and the quality is increasing don't you think the collar of the "Giovani Fascisti" tunic must be a little smaller to be perfect?
xThe militaryartist.

You are right about the collar. Is already on our "to do list" to complete the product.
Fabio, Fantastic WW1 Carabinere! Any thoughts on doing some Turkish figures from say the Gallipoli campaign?
Palaboon said:
Id really like to see TT tackle some modern figures, maybe a Italian Combsubin Operator with Desert Camo, any chance that might happen?
For me who only bash modern, I second that... :p
Wow, a Swiss guard! That is going to be awesome!
...Since their style of uniform dates back to the renaissance, there will be some really good bashing potential there. ...And that halberd will be a definite must have! :thumb
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