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Here's how we paint our Headsculpt Castlebrimstone way!! ;)

for boring write up see my blog eh?

Warning!!! Its kinda a strange technique .... hope you guys dont get shocked :lol

Our method could be broken down to 6 process as below :-

Process 1 has been shared before .. we'll focus mainly on process 2 to 6 here :)

The following is a quick (but lotsa pics) guide to do it....

Process 2 - Applying Base Coat and Painting Hair/Eyebrows

HS with base coat applied using airbrush and the hair/eyebrow painted. The 5 o'clock showdow is also applied using airbrush.

Process 3 - Toning by applying Pastel Dust

the pastels - mainly used are raw umber, red brown, burnt sienna, orange and red

pastel powder applied to the hs using a narrow tip brush

raw umber applied here

red brown now and then red....

hmmmm it looks like a friggin zombie - yipes!!! :eek

Process 4 - Blending the Colors

To the rescue - here's a bottle of water/plant spray...

Misting the HS with water and with this process the pastels get disolved

Using a broad soft bristle brush... the blending process begins

Here's the result at this point ... aint over yet

Process 5 - Refining Toning and Blending

Repeating processes of applying pastel powders and blending for orange and red.... that should do the trick ;)

Process 6 - Applying Matt Varnish

Last process - applying matt varnish - we use future floor polish mixed with Tamiya flat base to obtain a flat finish. The flat coat is good for protection and brings the HS to life ;)

Taaaa - daaaaa!!!! ;)

Average time to finish a HS (excluding process 1) would take 1 - 1.5hrs.... :)

For eyes painting refer to this :

What do you guys think?


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Great process Loco. Thanks for taking the time to do it and take all of the pictures and writing out all of these tutorials.
I think I can apply it to my own paintjobs, at least until the airbrushing bit since I lack that and the polish/flatbase.

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Nice work there!

Is there a reason why you don't fix the pastels before applying the varnish?

Lastly, who is that HS? He has a great look.


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Very Good. I'll put in a written request to THE ARCHIVER, to have this tutorial saved in the OSW Hints and Tips Vault.

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Nice job

Definitely a unique approach, can you elaborate on your clear coat - what is the percentage break down of Future to Tamiya?

p.s.: I love the vitamin storage box turned into a pastel container, the sand paper underneath the covers is ingenous.

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Interesting technique, indeed, with good results. Question, though:

Do you keep repeating the process outlined in step 5 until you get the level of color saturation seen on the head in the first photo in step 6? There seems to be quite a bit of difference between the color level in those two photos. Thanks!

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I've been waiting for this to come out! I constantly checked your blog site.
Finally it is here:) Thanks for the tutorial.

What if i don't own an airbrush? Any other suggestions?
I contemplated on buying one but.........
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