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Hi guys (and gals)...
I have about 50 Germans that I need to put in turtleneck sweaters for a winter photoshoot.
As Im looking online for the DML, DiD, and so on turtlenecks, I see they average about $4 or more each...
Well, with 50 Germans to dress, that comes out to $200 plus shipping..YIKES!!!

So, I decided to find a much cheaper way...

I went to my local "Dollar Tree" store and found knitt gloves...2 pair for $1...thats 20 turtleneck sweaters for a buck!!! (they come in a 2 pack of assorted colors...Blue/black, red/green, black/grey, black/black, and so on) I chose the black & grey pairs.

Here is how I made them:

Cut off 1 finger, and the tip.

Singe the ends to help prevent any fraying.

Turn the tube inside-out, and fold down creating the "turtleneck look" and cut up both sides about 1/4 inch.

Slip over the head, and it should look like this.

It is now a "dickie",but will give the look of a turtleneck sweater under another jacket.

I was able to give all 50 Germans a Turtle Neck sweater for a grand total of $2.50 with 10 extras for future use.

I hope this helps some of you out, and with an assortment of colors to choose from, you can get lots of uses out of them

Thanks for looking, :applause

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Thanks for the is a great idea and one I think a lot of people could use...

Years past there seemed to be more of this creative type ideas going around (more do it yourselves I think)...

I think the dicky thing is under used, especially if you don't want or can't have the bulk to the arms, I have been doing this for years, cutting the arm sleeves off of shirts and tops to fit better under the outer jacket...and unless you want you figure with the jacket off, none is the wiser...:thumb:thumb

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Looks great!

When I first started collecting, I would buy black women's socks (and feel really strange doing it) which I would then cut the toe portion off (about 4 inches from the toe) and cut holes in the sides and middle - it would make a very cheap undershirt.
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