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Thank you mates! :D

Yeah I should have go for a pool game as well, hehe ;) I used to play US pool (9 ball, 8 ball, straight pool) in a club, doing competitions for a few years before I joined the Air Force. You know, as we say in French : it's like bicycle, once you've learned how to, you never forget! :lol

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Thank You, all!

Well, I had a great day. My first email message was the Birthday greeting from OSW. Off to a good start. :woohoo
I was treated to lunch by my team here at work.
Then I had a seafood feast at McCormick & Schmick with my lovely wife.
My big present was a kick a** GPS unit for the car.

My one sixth addiction was satisfied by 2 recent ebay wins: a medicom spiderman and a 21st C fire humvee.

All in all, a terrific day! :bravo

SoF Joe
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