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Triad Toys Problems?

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Need some help and/or advice guys....

I preordered some of the Triad female bodies and a couple of heads back in late October and they haven't arrived. I assumed since they are no longer listed as preorders on the site that they have shipped, so I tried to check my order status on and it told me that my email address was not registered with a user.

I emailed Triad about it, forwarded my email reciept and cordially asked them if the items had been shipped.

No response.

I've emailed twice since then, (if I'm not mistaken this is going on almost four weeks now--I could be wrong) and finally filed through Paypal, though too much time has passed, or the circumstances are not fitting for Paypal to become involved because I filed it as an incomplete shipment, and they did nothing more but forward a complaint to Triad Toys.

Has this happened to anyone else? Maybe the damn things haven't even shipped yet, I really don't know, but I'm certainly not getting any response. I've tried responding to my email receipt, as well as the email address provided on their website, but it's all a no-go.

You guys seem to be on the inside track of things, maybe there is something I'm not understanding about all of this.

I love Triad Toys, have used them several times and would love to continue using them in the future, so any advice and/or suggestions would be great.

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Supposedly they were swamped over Christmas/New Year's filling orders. There's been some complaints on the MWD board but most people seem to have gotten their orders or acknowledgements that they've been sent.

Maybe PM Louie here?
Hey dude I had the same problem I pre-ordered the figures a long time ago and when I started to see that they were beggining to ship out the figures I figured mine would be shipped out soon also but then two weeks went by and my order still said that it was on pre-order so I e-mail Triad and it took them like a week to respond but they said that there were kinda backed up on all the orders but to rest assure all the orders would be shipped out soon and then a week later I recived another e-mail that they were shipped I got them 3 day later...kinda took a while but I eventually got my stuff...Its kinda understandeble they were probably reall busy during the holidays...Id probably give it a little more time...I replyed to the e-mail that was on the recipt for my order and fowarded them that e-mail with my order # like you did...but like the guys said Id try to PM Louie
FYI- PMing Louie doesn't always work. After no response from customer service about a 1.0 wetsuit that arrived with a faulty zipper right out of the package, I also sent Louie a note. Never got a reply that route either. I eventually just gave up, but I probably should have done the following -

Call them. Speak to a physical person rather than hoping someone reads your email. The phone number is listed on the Triad website.
My experience with many small businesses is that the phone is muchh more reliable than e-mail.
I just got 3 of their figure bodies and one of their new Holster sets this week. You will probably be getting yours very soon as well. I think they do an amazing job and really give us quality products. I also got one of there Danny figures when It first came out and Wow it is amazing. I know with the holidays a lot of people have been out of town or sick so I'm sure they have a reason for not responding to you questions in the timely manner that we are all used to from them. CustomDawg @ Triad was my inspiration for getting into 1/6 when I first stumbled upon his website, customs and even tutorials. Sorry for ranting but I have had nothing but exceptional service on every occasion.
Well after an unresponsive phone call yesterday, my items arrived today, postmarked 1-9-08, so I've got to give it up, more than anything else, to the OSW.

Regardless, I certainly can't say that I won't use Triad again, because their items are so damn cool!

A little customer service next time would be great though, and until then, like an emotionally abused woman in an unresponsive relationship, I will remain a customer.
You may need to try re-registering your account. I only SUGGEST that, not saying its the problem. I had to do it twice, but it finally "took" (tho' IIRC my problems of getting "lost" if you will were over on the old site, not @ the new one).

As to your sending email, others have gotten responses from the gal purported to be in charge of customer service, so why you didn't is puzzling.

Glad to hear you have gotten your order nonetheless. I too pre-ordered back in Oct. (expecting them to ship on/about 30 Nov., as originally "advertized"), and carefully noted when word spread on the world-wide-wait that they had experienced problems getting their shipment from the Land of the Sons of Han and so was expecting delay... :sadshake However, I got an email notifying me when my order had been filled and shipped (31 Dec.), so if you did not, that almost surely means your account is somehow corrupted in their system. Hence I suggest you re-register. Best of luck! :thumb

Come In Nighthawk said:
You may need to try re-registering your account. I only SUGGEST that, not saying its the problem. .....that almost surely means your account is somehow corrupted in their system. Hence I suggest you re-register. Best of luck!
I will definately try it, and like I said, no harm no foul.

I've experienced transactions that were 1,000 times more stressful, and with much worse outcomes on Ebay, and I certainly wouldn't dissuade anyone from ordering from Triad.

In the future though, I think I'll probably pass on preorders...
If you're worried about dealing with Triad directly again, goodstufftogo gets most if not all of their stuff, including DXs.
Triad moved the website not too long ago, so some of the information that was attached to the previous one may have been "lost" in the move. Re-registering is always an option, just to make sure they have your info.
Im having the same problem.....
Pre-ordered early in October and the website says it will be released on Dec 15th.

I thought it was the holiday season, they must be busy... so I just waited patiently.
Emailed them on the 1st of response

The first time I ordered with them, they were great! items was received promptly.
But now.....Im not so sure.

I live in Singapore, so calling them isnt really an option, unless I want to charge myself further for an overseas call.

Just sent another email today, hopefully they will response this time......if they are having any production problems, I would appreciate if they could at least just email back and inform us about it. (basic customer service/courtesy dont ya guys think?)
Don't feel bad. I had to finally call and leave a message, and even then no one responded, but they did finally ship it.

Now I'm trying to get a response about a faulty nude body which came in the order. The leg was glued in-place and simply snapped off when I tried to move it.

Needless to say they haven't responded.......

It's probably best to order Triad stuff through Good Stuff To Go.
After pming Louie, and sending emails to all their email accounts....I have finally received an email from Triad Toys.

They are citing production difficulty. materials hard to get ec...hence the delay.
Well, if only they have the basic courtesy to inform the customers who are waiting for their orders about this problem. I wouldnt have to resort to flooding their emails at all.

They asked me to wait another 2-3 months more.............ahhhh, I shall just be patient then.......
I suspect they may be having an e-mail problem also. Maybe mechanical, programing or human error, I don't know but I e-mailed them about a defective part in my Julian DX set and received no reply after several days. I sent a second e-mail with "Second e-mail" in the title and got an immediate reply from the lady in Customer Service asking when I had sent the first e-mail and the replacement part was on my door step in a few days.
I think all these problems only sstarted after their website was revamped.....didnt had problems with them before the revamped website.

They really need to relook their customer service policy and everything else thats affecting them from carrying out business professionally.
I will give them a tidbit of credit---one of the bodies I ordered from them had a broken leg (it was glued in-place and I actually broke it trying to move it). Now granted, it was hell getting a hold of Louie, and I actually finally did so after visiting his custom site ( but they sent me a new body with a prepaid postage sticker so I could return the broken body.

Yeah, I want to reiterate, Triad sent me a replacement promptly and with out fuss once I got a hold of them. They take care of their costumers but getting a hold of them seems to be the issue.
Thats good to hear!!!
Lets just hope everyone will have smooth dealings with them from now on.
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