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Discussion Starter · #1 · seems from the tenor of MOST posts here and on other foraa that TRIAD is slowly getting its act together??

I know they have finally gotten me my figures and Cassidy DX, and, they are making good on a replacement for one that is defective. Albeit, the "check" (or body) is still "in the mail!" But I will give them the benefit of the doubt... AND they have asked me to ship my defective gal to their resident "brain surgeon," not to the company loading dock, which I will comply with immediately. They want the Doc to figure out what went wrong. So, if a bit lurching out of the starting gate, I give them kudos nonetheless for trying to do right, and do the right thing!

I'll add here there are stirrings over in TRIAD Land, as they have announced some new offerings.

If you're into some kind of Anime-thingy called "Shampoo" (or something like it), they have boxed figures (prototypes already mooted) coming in December...

They announced they were so stunned by the quick sell-out of the Otaku Caucasian that they are working on fixes to the issues folks raised (soz why they want mine which seems to be uniquely flawed gotten to their specialist in these things for a look-see), and they intend to release a "Wave 2" later this summer... SO, if you didn't get one, don't go jumping on 125-buck eBay auctions.... you will get a second chance. Mean-when they say they continue to work on the "tan" and "pale" versions and hope to have those out this summer, as well.

Finally the resident top dawg :ninja himself noted the following:

Just updated the Otaku FAQ, but for clarification purposes:

The Otakus are a series of bodies and not just the one that is out now. So breakdown are:

Otaku 1.0 Female - the one you've come to love. :)
Otaku 2.0 Female - cutesy anime body. Will be previewed with the Samurai Champloo Fuu figure.

Otaku 1.0 Male - unseen. Don't ask, don't tell.
Otaku 2.0 Male - slim anime male body. Nudes will be shown soon, but you get the idea from the Samurai Champloo product pics.
Oh, OK, so its "Champloo" not "Shampoo......." WHATEVER!!:shades

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