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What should I bash today?
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Hi everyone... This bash is obviously inspired by the movie 'The Bourne Ultimatum', rated as the best of the Jason Bourne trilogy... U should watch it if u haven't... :thumb

(Taken from Wikipedia) Treadstone operatives are highly capable assassins who leave no trace of their existence. Conklin states that while anyone can carry out an assassination, Treadstone agents are meant to be "invisible" in a way that the murders can never be traced back to the agency.

Nicolette Parsons says: "They don't make mistakes. They don't do random. There's always an objective, always a target."

Treadstone operatives are trained in numerous killing techniques,

as well as being very proficient at using firearms,


using explosives,

and hand-to-hand combat...

The bash is supposed to resemble a Turkish 'local asset'... Hope u guys like it... ;)

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I love the movie, the American J.B just beat the crap outta the snobbish English J.B, and the third instalment is definitey the best, the sequence at London Bridge Station is just all time classic!!! Bourne makes Damon reborn!

And, I love your "Asset" bash, should do more, how about Nash?! And those from the first 2 movies?! Love the Cellphone bomb too!!!
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