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I Must Break You
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I see COUNTLESS posts/threads about "I want XXX BADLY!!!!" or "Looking for XXX desperately!" and yet none of these give any indication to sellers what they might gain from their sacrifice.

Can I suggest that we set target prices we are willing to pay for such "highly sought" items? (Hint: "I have tons to offer" isn't very enticing or specific enough.)

That way, a potential seller/provider can decide whether it is worth his time to arrange a sale. Maybe I have that fireman's helmet on a bash I'd be willing to part out???

This isn't meant to be mercenary ... But it works for both parties. Because I can tell you now, I have straight up decided NOT to contact people about items they want because its too much of a pain in the ass to start some awkward "negotiation" or, the seeker lowballs me and/or otherwise wastes my time.

Another waste of time is when a "buyer" says he wants something, I say i have it, and the "buyer" refuses to offer anything even through PM. I offer up a potential cost and then these guys disappear on me without counter-offers.

Who knows, maybe people are uncomfortable with the concept of "haggling?" Although I'd think they'd want to figure it out if they "really REALLY want item XXX."

Sure, you need not even CONSIDER this idea ... And sure, you can say, "Eh, who gives a rat's ass about that 5x5 anyway." But SOMBODY has what YOU want, and MAYBE this idea will grease the wheels in your favor.
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