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Any of you guys (or gals) ever check this out? I found it last year and just re-found it. I did a quick search here on the boards but find any posts... If it's old news, my bad. If not I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.
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Not only am I a fan but a couple of years ago, a friend and I co-founded a joke fan club called "FoP"... Friends of Pinky. While some of the humor is pretty suggestive, my friend even let her young son read Toyville under her supervision and they built a Pinky Obitsu figure as a joint project. :lol
Thank you! I just had a look at the site - hysterical!
Miskatonic Nick is a regular visitor over at MWD. I've been a fan of Toyville since I first saw it some 4 years ago or so. It's not kid humor most times, but even the photo shoots and the sheer volume of figures in the stories are worth checking out...even if the dialog was removed. :)

He's got some other cool stuff there also. A bunch of Famous Covers customs, a re-rooting tutorial, sewing tips, and a section on modeling/customizing materials.
Glad you folks liked it. Some of the jokes are a little flat but I'd give him full marks on creativity. And, as Island of Toys points out, the sheer volume of figures is amazing (some pretty sweet dios too). Plus, and this is a big one for me - He loves to poke fun at the Olson twins, maybe more then I do.

Somehow I missed the tutorials, I could use some re-rooting tips.
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