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Has anyone got any info on this figure?
It seems to be a TBLeague-based body - is that the case, and if so, is it unique?

Thus far, no confirmation or details if it is truly a PHICEN/TBL body.

Toys-Era does not have a consistent reputation for being communicative with their customers with regards to customer service, responding to e-mails/IMs, etc.

Their owner from what I heard supposedly is an arrogant @$$hole (just like PHICEN's owner) and very egotistical when it comes to business.

Toys-Era recently took some very critical hits on The Laser Eye and The Magtant 2.0 figure due to really bad design and quality control on the final in hand production releases.

They have not addressed public posts on their Facebook page of the issues and according to multiple collectors they did not respond to post/questions by e-mail/IM on damaged and missing pieces from The Magtant 2.0 figure.

Given the preceding, I would be very hesitant in supporting Toys-Era with any purchases, but then again that never stopped collectors from still doing that (i.e. HOT TOYS).
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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