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Toy Soldier Boot Question PLEASE HELP

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I recently purchased the TS Kenn Miller Nam era LRRP and was looking to use his boots for another kitbash...can i use TS nam era jungle boots on DML feet? I dont want to go through the tedious task of taking them off and re lacing them if not...thanks for your help!
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A few complaints surfaced a few months ago,regarding lace-up boots.You may have to put some work into them to get them to fit right.And that may involve taking some lace out.It's not a huge task,trust me.I have dealt with many a lace-up,and have had to do that/

But...if you don't want to totally unlace down to the 3rd or 4th eyelet,just tie a small know in the end of the lace and work it down to that portion to open the boot up and woork the fot in.Alos try a small bit of lotion if you prefer
thanks for the help!
Alan at TS recommends putting the boos in very hot water for about 10 secs before putting them on.
And stuff the toe with tissue to make the toe round out too.
Depending on which DML body type you are using, you will find that the foot is wider and much longer then the TS body has. I will fit but will take some work. I am also not opposed to scaling down the DML foot to fit the boot. One of the big problems you will find is the paper material then use inside the boot for the heal. I will usually glue this to the leather backing so it does not fold down when putting on the boot.
thanks for the recommend sanding to scale down the DML foot?
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