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Toy federation

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Has anyone heard of

Either good or bad?
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fantastic, very under rated i think. Rarish items turn up there sometimes and they have good set prices, also they fecked up an order of mine in the past but through their excellent contact they sorted it out, and let me keep the incorrect figure they had sent me!
Cool, thanks a bunch!!!
I have their web site in my favorites. I have not ordered anything from them yet. I have had great luck with:

Orders have been quick to ship and nothing has been back ordered from either company. The majority of my items came from toy soldier brigade. Hope this helps.
Ryan is one of the best "Joes" out there! He moved recently to South Carolina from down here in South Florida. I've delt with Ryan for years and he's a top notch guy. By the way you guys up there if you have a club get in touch with Ryan and he'll host your meetings! Nothing like being able to shop while haveing a day with your buds! WE REALLY MISS HIM DOWN HERE!

I've ordered from them with no problems. They used to have some pretty good sales but not as often now.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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