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This is my first foray into the Eastern Front. I have chosen to portray a Soviet infantryman from the 78th Rifle Division during the Soviet offensive starting August 1943.

He is shown here while "chasing Fritz"during the months of September- November, 1943 - closing in on them along the Dnieper River, southeastern Ukraine. The 78th Rifle Division was part of the vast Tsaritsa Poley (Czarina of the Fields or loosely translated "Queen of Battle"). Compared to the Guards units they were modestly equipped, still dependent on horse drawn transportation. The 78th Rifle Divisionwas given the honorific title "Zaporozhye" for its participation in liberating the city of Zaporozhye October 14th, 1943 after fierce fighting.

My frontovik, Grigori (Grisha to his family and friends), here is portrayed according to Gabriel Temkin's book "My Just War". He has a minimal gear consisting of his rifle, backpack, equipment belt, canteen, cartridge pouch,spare ammo pouch, mess tin and gas mask carrier. Mr. Temkin observed that no helmets were worn in his regiment (458th Rifle Regiment) and when seen were used for other purposes (e.g. cooking potatoes).

The headsculpt used is Tony Barton's #22. I wanted to portray an older conscript, a man in his mid-40s. His DML body has been modified (DML slim chest) and shortened so he is about 5' 6" in his stocking feet. I wanted a smaller figure and got it. The desired effect was an older man with a uniform slightly too big for him- to include his side cap. A man called into service for the defense of the Motherland- not a "super soldier".

While the gear is minimal, the devil is in the details. There was a lot of work to "get it right". I could bore you to tears with the work put into this and it's a shame some of the photos don't show the details but I am happy they are there- from the hole drilled into the rifles cleaning rod right down to the spoon stored in the top of his legging/puttees.

It was a challenge making the leap from the familiar to the unknown. I went exclusively with Mr. Temkins descriptions, he did an admirable job in his memoirs.

Equipment break down;

Uniform and side cap- Soldier Story

Boots- Newline Miniatures

Canteen, gas mask carrier- DML(modified)

Mosin Nagant rifle, Bayonet- ToyCity (modified)

Cartridge Pouch- DiD (modified)

Side cap badge, greatcoat, buckles for the Mosin Nagant sling assembly- TonyBarton

Mess tin- War and Pieces

Equipment belt, backpack (Myeshok),puttees (obmatki), spare ammo pouch and sling- scratch made

Finally, a big "thank you" to;

-Tony Barton, not only for the material support but for his patience in answering a slew of questions.

-Andy and Aris- for the encouragement

Thanks for Looking.............Jim

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We noticed Mr. Luka! another forum though..:wink
Jim is turning to the Eastern front..this is going to be good!

Fantastic work Jim :bravo

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Patience Vetts, all in good time.

You've definitely accomplished your stated goals, Jim. A splendid figure, and the accompanying history is most enlightening. Well done all around, admirable in it's simplicity and detail.

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Mighty fine work, there.

Posing, presentation and photos are all top-shelf, too.

It is a very nice figure. Kudos! I love the shinel. If this is your first foray into Soviet figures, then I barely can wait for your second.

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