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I just finished re-reading Debt of Honor and Executive Orders by Tom Clancy (which I thought to be one of the best in the series) and during a later discussion that I was having with a bunch of my fellow NCOs about the current Russia-Georgia Conflict I started to think about the storyline of Ghost Recon, you know Ultranationalist Russians helping spark an invasion of Georgia and all. Well I began to wonder what else has Tom Clancy wrote about that has come to fruitation in other, but similiar ways.

Debt of Honor (1994)
Plot: Ryan as National Security Advisor, and John Clark and Domingo Chavez as agents with Russian cover, help win a military and economic war with a nuclear-armed Japan. A subplot of the book involves the resignation of the Vice President in a sexually based scandal; Ryan is nominated as his replacement, then becomes President after the President is killed shortly after Ryan's appointment is approved by Congress.

Story Point/Real World
Vice President Scandal - Although somewhat different, it mirrors what would happen to President Bill Clinton four years later. Although in the book the VP resigns in disgrace, Clinton is Impeached but survives the vote to be removed from office.

Terrorist Attack - A Japanese terrorist pilots a hijakced 747 passenger plane into the capital building during the State of Union address effectively killing a majority of govenment leaders including the President. Seven years later, 9/11 happened baring similiar events but differ on the overall consequences.

Executive Orders (1996)
Plot - Immediate sequel to Debt of Honor. President Ryan survives press hazing, assassination attempts and biological warfare. Clark and Chavez trace the virus to a Middle Eastern madman, and the U.S. military goes to work.

Story Point/Real World
Middle Eastern Madman - This is almost per description of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Assassination - Death of Saddam Huessein and the fall of the Ba'ath Party with Iranian intervention that prevented a sectarian war between Sunnis/Shiites. Yes, the deposing of Saddam and his patry was far different, the sectarian violence mention did in fact happen and all experts in Middle Eastern Affairs have agreed that if the US leaves Iraq in chaos, Iran would've step in with an invasion and set up a puppet government which was what happened in the book

Biological Warfare - The anthrax scare right after 9/11 had people in fear of the mail or package. It effectively set the government leaders in protective bunkers, even if it was only for a few hours, and had people wondering if anything in everyday life was safe. Of course the book involved the Ebola virus and was aimed at tying down the US military so the new Islamic Republic could invade Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

Ghost Recon (2000)
Plot - Ultranationalist seize power in Russia and slowly begin to reform the old Soviet Union by invading breakaway countries and bringing them back in the Russian orb.

Story Point/Real World
Russia/Georgia Conflict - The game takes place in 2008 and involves Russia backing seperatist rebels in Ossetia. When Georgia and US Special Forces attempt to elimenate the rebels, the Russians launch an all out offensive to retake Georgia. This is probably the closes to getting what actually happened for anything Tom Clancy has done ie. same year, same cirsumstances, same countries (minus USSF).

Currently that is the only ones I could find at the moment but I haven't read all of the novels yet and there might be more story plots that actually turned at to happen in some form or way. I don't know what I kindva found it wierd how plot points in his books/games actually turn out to happen. Hopefully there won't be any really big wars that he writes about happening anytime soon.
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