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Hello again to all that remember me, it has been some time since I posted here last. But now 'I' am a 'WE'. For those who know me and remember me I do not need to introduce myself. However, for those members who are new-ish to the board I am Richard, and for everyone the other part of 'WE' is my soul-mate Rhonda.

So, as we are true 'Grey' Confederates here is a little 'throw together'. Not much of a kit-bash, mainly ITPT items, but I have posted this figure to show off the DRUM - more about the DRUM in the 'Brigade Sutler Section' on the board's main page.

The figure is meant to represent a well clad member of the 5th Virginia, Stonewall Brigade, sometime after the engagement at Cedar Mountain.

See this Drum and many others in the 'Store' section.

"Till the long roll summons us to Battle."
"Always Mystify, Mislead and Surprise the Enemy....."​


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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