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Please forgive me if this is already here somewhere, I couldn't find it with searches. This is a tile-able pic (.JPG) of the current U.S. Army ACU fabric. You can take one sheet of the pic, and keep on adding onto it until you get the size of ACU fabric that you need for your purposes.
I'm uploading this as a .JPG for the sake of space, but also have it available as a .PDF file, which is something slightly over 3 megs. Let me know if you need THAT one, and I'll be happy to e-mail it to you or post elsewhere.

I have a BUNCH of patches for various Special Forces and other "elite" units. I wanted to frame them, but couldn't decide on an appropriate background until I came upon THIS! I just had Kinko's print out several dozen of these, then pieced them together, placed the patches on top, then dropped the frame on top. Came out pretty nice! Hope this is useful to others as well! From what I understand, this image is in the public domain with the exception that it cannot be used for commercial otherwords, a "freebie" :thumb

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