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Well here I leave another Roman, this time it's a legionary brand Kaustic plastic which I have changed the head (in this I uilizado hs Centurion Artorius Lucius Castus of the same brand) aged all leather pieces including coat protection, aged golden, I gave a light dusting to the uniform and cape and used a simple base. I have returned to enjoy as when I started in this hobby with this figure, I love Roman and grateful that these figures are, apart from the good work of the brand Kaustic plastic that I was pleasantly surprised (except a small flaw I see in the body that is the ankle or rather the anchoring system to hold the ball up, because being a figure that is heavy for the hull, equipment, etc., it is difficult to maintain balance as the ball bends and leave his own costs correctly the standing position)
Greetings and thanks for the attention given

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