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I have been told that ti-light is no more...
I was told it was 2 people but one of those people is still making 1/6 wood and metal fireams....

Anyone has a Facebook, Email contact information...

I see the guns all over AliExpress these are only stores....
I dought they want me to get his I
Personal information....

Thank you in advance


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1/6 weapons made in wood and metal are done by less than 5 people in the business. They start one company, when that goes defunct, they move on to another company.

Here is the latest one. H&G company which has been out of business for 10 years now (?) came back to life. It is a Chinese Type 79 Submachine Gun. Looks very well made with lots of working features and mechanism. They only sell in China. These are around $150 for one.
?? H&G 1:6 79????? ??8?? ????-???
All the metal and wood ones now on ebay and ali were probably made by them.

Now if you want a want one that has not been made, that may cost you thousands of dollars as they would have to retool all their machinery. In other words, you would have to pay for the prototype. Jon or Fullmetal Customs (FMC) does the same thing although not as expensive as thousands of dollars because they don't have to retool anything... All handmade.
Photos from FullMetal Customs's post
Photos from FullMetal Customs's post
Contact me if you want a FMC one, but it will be expensive! Hundreds of dollars.

If not, I think Broadshore (OSW name) makes some weapons at a reasonable cost.

And the title should be Ti-Lite. : )
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