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Thursday's Birthdays for 04/20/17

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Stand up and cheer for these OSWers on their Birthdays---

SpaceBunny11 and roba (42)

Happy Birthday! :thumb

Sleeping like Rip Van Winkle---

draeger08 (51), Devgru-08 (51), Big Don McClellan (48), siulfernando, mkii (41), blotto (39), and lilj1987 (30)

In Special Remembrance---

rbleathers (49)

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Happy birthday to all of you! :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to SpaceBunny11 and roba !! well as to draeger08, Devgru-08, Big Don McClellan, siulfernando, mkii, blotto, and lilj1987, in far off lands....!!!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ray, have a cold beer for us, as we remember you.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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