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Hi All,

The dio is 1:12 scale and TB1 is 1:350 scale which is a perfect size match for a 1:12 scale figure. The partial building is made from foam board and balsa wood, the table is also made using foam board and balsa wood.

The scenery on the table is a mix spakfilla and sand and once dry was painted weathered using Vallejo Paints. The trees and bushes are from Woodlnad Scenics Fine Leaf Foliage and TB1, the vehicle and small figures are all 1:350 scale. The background picture is a hand painted piece I scanned from a book and then printed it off and the frame work is done using balsa wood and plastic tubes.

The roof brackets are made from plasic tube and the lights hanging of them were made using plastic card and old ear phone cord, the studio lights were made using bottle caps and plastic tube and the wheels are 1:72 tank wheels and the cords are from an old light. The camera is made using balsa wood for the legs and the camera is made from plastic card and greeblies form the parts box. The ladder and the step up are made from balsa wood.

The Kirk figure is just for scale.



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