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I know guys, I haven't been on for a while. Life and Training has been keeping me busy.

County is putting me though Computer IT training. *Yes, County of San Bernardino is paying for it.* 6 month, I am pretty much at school everyday.. 40 hours a week. Yes, I am tired and just haven't been really getting into the build mood for a while.

Hell! I mean, I got non paid commissions that need to be done. And I just... Don't have the time.

But anyways, I found this little sucker for 10.00 at the local Salvation Army Store on a 50% off storewide sale. *10.00 for this RC is STILL a lot.*

It's missing the controller. But *shrugs* Looks cool enough for 1/6.

I'm pretty happy. Might strip it down and give it a paint job. OR just leave it as is.

Broadshore, Out.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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