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Threezero unveils their next 1:6th scale action figure based on the movie The Great Wall. Commander Lin Mae will be available for pre-order at starting from February 20 at 8:00PM EST. The figure will be priced at $168 with Worldwide Shipping included in the price.

Commander Lin Mae collectible figure stands approximately 11"(28cm)tall and features highly-accurate life-like likeness to Jing Tian (景甜) as Commander Lin Mae in "The Great Wall" movie. Collectible features realistic synthetic hair, comes with tailored clothing and highly detailed armor outfit with paint application simulating metal armor and weapons. Figure comes with Sword with Scabbard, Two Fan Blades with Scabbard, and Three Pairs of Exchangeable Hands.

1/6 scale "The Great Wall" Commander Lin Mae collectible details:

  • Highly detailed figure featuring life-like realism that is authentically crafted with the likeness of Jing Tian (景甜) as Commander Lin Mae in the "The Great Wall" movie.
  • 11" (~28cm) tall, articulated figure with tailored clothing, employing finely detailed paint application simulating metal armor. Black synthetic hair implantation.

Collectible figure features the following elements of clothing and accessories:

  • Upper torso armor with chain and fabric cape
  • Lamellar armor
  • Shoulder armor
  • Vambrace
  • Inner clothes
  • Waist belt
  • Thigh armor and greaves
  • Boots
Variety of weapons include:

  • Sword with Scabbard
  • Fan Blades with Scabbard x 2

Collectible figure comes with Exchangeable Hands:

  • One pair of fists
  • One pair of relaxed
  • One pair for gripping

*Final product may vary from prototype images.


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Saw this on my feed and I don't know what to make of this.

sure sure - it's all about the way the picture was taken, the lighting wasn't ideal and most likely the hair needed to be touched up, dependencies at the factory, weather causing the end product to look nothing like the promo, she had too much junk food from the factory on her way to the store, maybe had a but too much pot..Did I miss out on anything ?

I'm not sure if any amount of styling, fiddling and futzing can fix that though. Have not seen any other in hand pictures yet but boy, this takes the cake.
Anyone else have in hand pictures yet ?
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