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I dont have photoshop, I found it confusing and wasting all my disk space. I use two programs- Irfanview (If you havent used it, its great. Try it) and MS paint. When used togehter, they can make some decent photoshop-like qualities.

Irfanview supports almost anything that can be don on a computer. I downloaded a plug-in pack, which allows me to make font files, SVG's,. edit sounds, etc...

I saved they eyes and helmet, and converted the rest to greyscale

Added a bit of noise and altered the colors and saturation.

Regular sepiatone

Same as #2, except I almost cmopletley converted it to greyscale

And this last one isn't figure-related, I did it just for fun...

My third dog didn't stand still long enough to get in the picture. I had to crop her tail out.
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